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Facial Ice Globes.

For tightening the skin, encouraging blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Keep in the fridge for a minimum of 20mins or all the time for when you are ready !

Alternately they can be used straight from the box. Simply plunge in a bowl of cold water with it without ice for instant facial cooling effect.

To use them !

They are best used on clean skin when a serum , cream, or sheet face mask has been applied.

Use one globe for each side of the face and glide them over the cheeks, neck and under eyes.

All over the face. They are natural and organ feeling so once jn your hands will feel natural.

Great for encouraging product into the skin, encouraging blood flow for a healthy looking complexion and lymphatic drainage to help reduce puffiness.

Facial Ice Globes

£10.00 Regular Price
£9.00Sale Price

Free Water Bottle

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