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Urban D-pollution mask is a new way to repair, regenerate and protect the skin from damage caused daily by pollution. A new type of skincare that targets the decontamination of the skin that is now needed due to environmental conditions. The active ingredients protect and detox the skin cells, eliminating all types of atmospheric pollution (tobacco, harmful gases, heavy metals). The effectiveness of this mask is based on phenolic acids contained in the ivy and sunflower extracts associated to phytic acid from rice bran, providing a global anti-pollution activity.


Urban D-pollution mask has a light texture that feels nice. It should be applied for 10 minutes on clean skin, enough time for the extracts to work,  and then removed with tepid water. The mask must be applied  1- 2 times per week for best results.


The Urban D-pollution lines provide the skin with global protection, preventing cell mortality and fibroblast modification, helping cells to remain alive when faced daily with all types of pollution, even cigarette smoke



    • Free radical protection
    • Repairs & protects skin cells
    • Provides protection against all types of atmospheric pollution such as: car exhaust fumes, fuel heaters, coal combustion, tobacco, harmful gases, heavy metals, acid rain.
    • Leaves the skin feeling clean & fresh
    • Increases skin radiance



    • Phytic acid
    • Natural extracts



    • Clean the skin, then apply a layer on the face, neck & chest (can also be used on the hands)
    • We suggest using the ekseption silicone mask brush available on the store
    • Remove with tepid water after 10 minutes
    • Dry the skin and apply a suitable face cream
    • Apply 1-2 times per week

Urban D Pollution Mask - 100ml

£29.00 Regular Price
£26.68Sale Price

Free Water Bottle

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