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Fusion Facial

Mini Chemical Peel for Your Skin

  • 1 hour
  • 50 British pounds
  • Garden Room

Service Description

Intensive peeling mask with 3 types of organic acids. The product produces a strong exfoliation that can last up to 7 days. It reduces roughness, wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Combining the skin care products after the application of the mask will increase the results in particular on pigmentation and wrinkles. This mini chemical peel treatment can only be performed once every 2 weeks. Maintenance is performed monthly. The Science: Triple acid complex 1. Restoring pH balance: The interaction of pha with skin begins once applied, affecting the acid mantle. The gentle influence of pha helps to achieve proper pH level and a proper skin renewal process. 2. Keratolitic effect: Disrupt the bonds between corneocytes in the horny layer which results in exfoliation of dead skin cells. 3. Regeneration: Lactobionic acid includes galactose, which is famous for its wound-healing properties. The acid promotes repairing process of damaged skin structures and faster healing. 4. Gradual skin penetration: pha have considerable molecular mass and consists of relatively big molecules. As a result, they penetrate skin gradually, layer by layer. Dead skin cells are removed gently, causing no skin irritation. The acids lighten skin, making blemishes less visible. 5. Anti-photo ageing activity 6. Antioxidant properties: Lactobionic acid can function as a link between iron ions, providing strong antioxidant effect. It removes free radical intermediates and protects skin from dangerous UV radiation. 7. Lifting effect: Lactic acid stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are producing components of the intercellular substance (collagen, elastin, fibronectin) 8. Sebo-static and comedolytic effect: Disrupt of intercellular connections between corneocytes unblocking clogged pores and reducing sebum secretion. Lactic acid also promotes triglyceride degradation inhibiting lipase released by acne-causing bacteria, thereby preventing inflammation. It helps to control sebum secretion reducing excessive oiliness and relieving dryness, promotes large pores shrinking and reduces acne skin with comedones, papules and pustules without over-drying it. IMPORTANT To avoid sun damage and pigmentation SPF50 should be applied twice daily & no exfoliating products or heat treatments for 7 days

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