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Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is a condition where the skin has limited or lacks moisture in the intracellular system of the skin. When skin lacks moisture, it will feel tight, leading to irritation, flakiness, dry lines, and a rough texture. The good news is that dehydration can be rectified quite simply and quickly.

Our top tips are as follows –

1. Drink more water!

2. Temporarily avoid any foaming cleansers. Instead, try a cream cleanser like our Ultra Soothing Cleanser.

3. Gently exfoliate to remove flaky dead skin cells so that rehydration of new cells can begin. Avoid anything too aggressive as this can irritate the skin. Our Micro-fine Daily Exfoliant is the perfect gentle exfoliator.

4. Apply a hydrating face masque twice a week. Our Soothing Masque is very hydrating as well as soothing.

5. Apply a serum containing hyaluronic acid such as our Age Resist Hydrating Serum.

6. Lock in moisture and protect skin with the perfect moisturizer. We have a huge range of moisturizers, but we recommend our Soothing Moisture Cream for very dehydrated skin, which is rich and nourishing but won’t block pores.

7. Finally treat yourself to a facial at least four times a year. Your therapist will assess your skin and give it the TLC it needs to keep it glowing and radiant.

Credit Eve Taylor

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