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Expiration Date

Expiration date - have a good clear out !

Expiration Date

Good skin care products have an expiration date.

This is the length of time the product needs to be used by , this is due to the active ingredients with the product.

The date can be found on the side of the product itself and is a little open pot with a number on it.

For example, if the product number is 6 months, then don't use past this date. It can have a negative effect on your skin is used past this date.

If you haven't opened them they may still have an expiration date on them so just check !

Think of how you don't use medicines past their expiry date- its much the same principle

Keep it safe. If your'e not using a particular product as often and theres still a lot left at the expiry date then perhaps consider a smaller version to reduce waste.

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