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As our hormones alter and decline during menopause, our entire body is affected.

#Hormones play a vital role in the overall health and functions, including our skin.

As we age, we will start to see a continual increase in undesired skin conditions such as pigmentation, dehydration, dull appearance, fie line and wrinkles and an overall compromised healing capability of our cells.

In comes what is often considered the gold standard in aging skin care, retinoids.

While they can be formulated in many ways giving it a variety of names, retinoids at the core are one of few ingredients found in skincare that can enter passageways into our cells.

They have been shown to help manage aging skin in the following ways.

Sun damaged skin

Decreased elasticity and skin density

Thinning skin

Loss of skin luminosity

Pigmented skin

Lines, wrinkles, and folds

Rough skin texture

Dull appearance from a slowed cellular renewal process

Eve Taylor’s Retinoid Renew Complex uses a 1% retinoid encapsulation to allow more effective ingredient delivery into the skin with limited irritation.

The product formula also comes boosted with a 10% vitamin C and cherry extracts to help boost antioxidant activity on the skin, slowing the effects of the aging process.

This is an ideal product for those experiencing visual signs of aging as an effective nighttime treatment to support the reparative and healing processes the skin undergoes during the night as we sleep.

Credit Eve Taylor

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