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How to look after sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be very distressing, and symptoms include inflammation, stinging, burning, tight and itchy reddened skin.

It can be both a hereditary and an environmental skin condition and usually indicates an impairment of the skin’s protective barrier.

This also causes moisture loss so sensitive skin is often dry and uncomfortable too.

But what damages the skins protective barrier? Using soap or alcohol-based products and over exfoliation are the most common culprits.

But what to do about it?

1. You can start helping your sensitive skin by being aware of trigger products and ingredients – get aware and read labels!

2. Keep skin clean but gently does it. Try a cream cleanser such as our Ultra Soothing Cleanser with calming Oatmeal (recommended for babies with sensitive skin).

3. Use an intensely hydrating serum such as our Age Resist Hydrating Serum with hyaluronic acid as it will saturate the skin with moisture content replacing that which has been lost.

4. Aloe Vera based masques are also extremely hydrating to the skin tissues with a cooling anti-inflammatory effect. Our Soothing Masque is an intensively hydrating gel masque, packed full of Aloe Vera and other soothing ingredients.

For more advice and help with sensitive skin, contact your local Eve Taylor therapist who will be able to analyse your skin, suggest treatments and come up with a regime to help your skin.

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