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The menopause is a significant time in life that brings about many changes to the skin due to the decline of oestrogenic hormones. One of the most common changes is dryness and lack of skin oils. This can lead to sensitivity, itching and flaking so it’s vital that adjustments are made to your skincare regime to compensate for these changes.

We recommend a nourishing creamy cleanser such as Ultra Soothing Cleanser which gently cleanses without removing any vital lipids from the skin, and the anti-inflammatory formulation soothes and nurtures any irritation or itching

Skin can also become lacklustre and dull with an uneven skin tone.

Using a vitamin C rich serum like Brightening Serum will boost the skin with vitality and radiance whilst also helping to stimulate production of collagen which gradually reduces from the menopausal years

As the skin starts to lack essential lipids and fatty acids, nourishing and moisturising is essential to feed the skin with what it needs. Nourishing Serum is packed with cold pressed oils to hydrate the driest skin layers whilst offering skin softness and conditioning actions


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