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A lightweight calming prebiotic facial cleanser to settle and soothe sensitive skin. Helps restore your skin’s microbiome.


This luscious cleanser for sensitive skin has a unique elastic texture, so it doesn’t pull fragile skin, yet gives a super cleanse.


It contains vitamins A & E plus our unique Calmaderm™ complex with Mediterranean botanicals of basil, aubergine, liquorice and apricot, along with the advanced skin science of a powerful prebiotic that’s designed to leave your complexion healthy, settled and comforted.


It’s definitely love in action!


  • Cleanses, calms & soothes
  • TLC for sensitive skin
  • Supports your skin's microbiome


Apply morning and night to face & neck, massaging with upward circular movements. Splash face with warm water or use a warm damp cloth to remove


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