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If you're blessed with pretty normal skin and love natural goodness, then you'll adore GOOD TO GO foaming face wash.

Perfect for no-fuss people on the run who need a quick yet effective wash-off cleanser that leaves the skin soft and nourished without feeling taut.

The clever pump miraculously transforms the liquid formula into a luscious creamy foamy texture.

The naturally bountiful and highly nutritious formula includes aloe vera, carrot, bergamot, lemon, tangerine, cucumber, honey, watercress & multivitamins. It’s Mediterranean market goodness!

Suitable for use during pregnancy | Suitable for vegetarians

GOOD TO GO Foaming Face Cleanser & Wash (170 ml / 5.7 fl.oz.)

£24.00 Regular Price
£20.40Sale Price

Free Water Bottle

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