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Description: This essential oil serum is created specifically for boosting energy levels.
It’s stimulating nature increases circulation helping increase oxygenation leading to increase in energy.


Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions, especially for boosting energy levels.


Benefits: Invigorating oil to help induce a “wide awake” effect.
Ideal for morning use and early morning appointments.
Helps boost energy levels when fatigue sets in.


Key ingredients: It is the synergistic blend of lemongrass, cinnamon, thyme, galbanum, lavender and rosemary that collectively stimulate the circulation, metabolism and nerves leading to a revitalised, invigorated feeling.


How to use: Smooth 1-2 pumps along the spine and 1-2 pumps on soles of feet in the morning.
Do not use in the evening before retiring.

*Do not use on client if pregnant, lactating or taking prescription medication

Invigorating Body Serum (No 11)

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