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An alcohol-free facial cleansing toner that cools and refreshes your skin.

The cleansing finale of your daily skincare routine! Toning removes deeply embedded debris and the final traces of cleanser, to leave skin squeaky clean and ready for your favourite moisturiser.


Wonderfully calming, soothing, and full to the brim with goodness to ensure pores are refined, toned and hydrated. It’s quite an essential skin treatment!


TONING ESSENCE brightening toner has a light, refreshing texture and the fragrance is inspired by a Mediterranean summer salad. The ingredient list is straight from the markets - tomato, lemon, orange, melon, rosemary, basil, mandarin, lime and ginger. It’ll leave your skin singing


  • Balance & soothes
  • Refines & tones
  • Cools & refreshes


Apply 2-3 sprays onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over face. To use as a hydration mist – hold the bottle away from the face, close the eyes and spritz all over the face to hydrate and combat the drying effects of flying or hot/drying weather and air-conditioning spaces.

In the hot summer months you can store your TONING ESSENCE in the refrigerator so it’s ready for a fresh, cooling pick-me-up spritz at any time you need to cool down


TONING ESSENCE Alcohol-Free Hydration Toner 150 ml

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