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Mesotherapy - Eye Contour x 8

Course of eight

  • 45 minutes
  • 385 British pounds
  • Park View Rise, Along Vicarage Lane, Opposite The Old Royal Oak Pub.

Service Description

* Course of eight treatments * Tackle multiple conditions with the global eye contour treatment. It has been specifically designed to improve the overall appearance of this sensitive and delicate area, to reduce under eye dark circles, fluid retention, puffiness and small fat bags. Expression lines and wrinkles are less apparent and a youthful, firmer contour is achievable over a course of treatments. Nano-needling is new non-invasive procedure involving superficial and controlled nano-puncturing of the skin with nano-needles. Nano-needling is a new type of meso-needling without any pain or chance of bleeding. Nano-needling is more superficial, and more punctures are performed per treatment session. How does nano-needling compare to micro-needling? 1. The length of the needles are shorter 2. More punctures are created (each nano-cartridge bottle contains 137 needles with a length of 0.05mm). 3. The product is placed into the bottle that contains the nano disk and is inserted into the device. The product is then applied directly to the skin through the nano-needles from the bottle. There is no requirement to place the product onto the skin via a syringe Questions & Answers 1. How soon will the effects of the Global Eye Contour start to show? - The area will be ore radiant from the first treatment and lines will be softened. However it is usually 2-3 weeks before the real results start to show. 2. How long will the effects of Global Eye Contour last for? - To achieve long term results. At least four treatments close together will need to be performed. With maintenance treatments every 4- 6 weeks. this ensures the results are sustained and improved upon. If regular maintenance sessions are not carried out the results will begin to reduce after a few months. 3. How often should the Global Eye Contour treatment be carried out? - Once every one to two weeks with six to eight sessions carried out before going onto maintenance treatments. 4. Are there any home care products that will enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. -Yes, We recommend Eye Sorbet. This can be found in the online store. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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