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Mesotherapy - Microneedling

Collagen Induction Facial Mesotherapy using micro needling technology

  • 1 h
  • 75 British pounds
  • Park View Rise, Along Vicarage Lane, Opposite The Old Royal Oak Pub.

Service Description

Microneedling uses slightly longer needles to provide a more enhanced treatment. The depth of the of the needle cartridge is altered and controlled over the face. Using specialist products we can provide a bespoke solution to address any skin concerns you may have. We can provide nanoneedling treatments for ; * Fine Lines & Wrinkles * Dry, dehydrated skin * Encourage collagen & elastin production - to produce tighter firmer skin. * Stimulate cell repair to improve skin structure & appearance * Reduce scar appearance * Address signs of photo ageing * Address age spots * Assist with reducing and /or removing areas of pigmentation * Over active sebaceous glands and blemishes * Inhibit melanin production * Improve blood circulation to the skin * Tighten the skin tone and texture * Brighten dull skin & uneven skin tone * Improves Anti-Oxidants How does micro -needling compare to nano-needling? 1. The length of the needles are longer. 2. The needle depth available is 0.00 to 2.5ml. Different parts of the face require different depths and speeds. This is tightly controlled by the therapist. 3. The mesotherapy solution is applied directly to the skin, like a serum application. Then the micro needling. is carried out. . Questions & Answers 1. How soon will the effects of the micro needling start to show? - Immediately after the treatment elastin and collagen will be produced and the skin will start to assimilate the solution used. 2. How long will the effects of the treatment last for? - Months. If a maintenance treatment is not performed on a regular basis the skin will never completely go back to how it was. It will be improved even after. a few months. However the best results will not be retained or improved. This is why regular maintenance treatments are advised. 3. How often should a microneedling treatment be carried out? - Once every four weeks, or every four to eight weeks. No sooner than four weeks. . 4. Are there any home care products that I can use to enhance the effectiveness of this treatment? - Yes these will be discussed individually. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact.

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