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Cleansing - Types of Cleanser

There are an assortment of different types cleansers available.

The ones you choose need to fit in with your lifestyle.

So for example, if you are new to cleansing ( I promise not to faint) and have always used .... soap and water ( ok, I did just faint) then a cleansing wash may suit you best.

Also, don't forget you don't always need to stick to the same one every day - your skin changes and needs different things at different times.

The main types of cleansers are - * Cream Cleanser - these are usually a white cream type substance and are more moisturising so most suited to normal to dry skin

* Facial Washes or Foaming Cleansers - These are usually activated in the palm of your hand with a little water and then applied to the face. These can be very harsh and strip the face of oils, however, there are some exceptions.

*Gel Cleansers - these are a gel substance that is again usually activated by water and most suitable for oily to combination skin.

*Micellar - Should only really be used to remove eye make up, and should be specific to the gentle eye area

*Clay Cleansers - Draw out the oil from the skin and often used to treat oily skin

*Cleansing Exfoliators - these are cleansers that have an exfoliating powder or product incorporated in them. These can be used daily of the product is designed for that. Suitable for dry to oily skin. Depending on the product.

All cleansers need to be removed throughly either using a clean flannel, a gentle wash mitt or cellulose sponges.

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