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Face Masks

Why Mask A popular ritual for at-home self-care days and a key component of every professional facial are masques.

The question is why are masques such an important part of our skincare routines?

Masques are diverse and can be formulated with various bases to accommodate an array of skin types.

They provide deep nourishment, assist in deeper penetration of active serums into the skin, draw out impurities and excess oil from the skin, provide brightening benefits, and much more.

With higher amounts of certain ingredients, masks can have cream-like constancy to them, or a thicker base, such as clay to absorb excess oil on the skin. They may rubberise or be in sheet mask form.

Whichever mask you are using, the best part is you can customise them based on your skin. Have an oily t-zone but dry cheeks? Use a purifying mask across the forehead and nose and a soothing mask covering the remainder of the skin.

Explore the many mask options through Eve Taylor

Credit Eve Taylor

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