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Skin Toners

Toners are often overlooked but they are one of the most versatile products in your beauty cupboard.

1. Spritz onto the skin directly before moisturizing, the damp surface will allow the moisturizer to absorb more evenly be more effective at plumping the skin. 2. Spray onto a cotton pad and wipe over skin after cleansing to remove final traces of make-up. 3. Spray over your make-up to help set it and keep in place for the day. 4. Use as a cooling face and body spray in warm weather. 5. Use to hydrate your skin when in dry air-conditioned environments such as the office.

Our toners all come with a spray nozzle and can be sprayed or applied to skin with a cotton pad. Choose the toner to suit your skin type and make the most of this beauty hero."

Credit Eve Taylor London

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