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Which comes first?

What Comes First?

This is a question that I often get asked. Skincare is confusing and it appears that if we don't know which way round to apply products to the skin then we are out of the loop as everyone knows how to do it ! Well thats just WRONG ! Skincare is really confusing, there are serums that go under toners and there are serums that go over toners.

So, p

lease don't be afraid of getting it wrong, asking questions, be the person who gets it right.

Generally, there are always exceptions and especially when it comes to the plethora of skincare options, the basic daily routine, which should be performed morning and evening, usually comes in the following order :-

*Cleanse *Tone *Serum *Moisturise

Then every third or fourth day *Cleanse *Exfoliate *Tone *Serum *Moisturiser

When including a Mask *Cleanse *Exfoliate *Tone *Serum *Mask *Tone *Moisturise

_ Can you see what I did there? Add in an additional Tone! You can if you would like or you can leave it out. Go ON Be a Rebel!

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