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A cooling gel packed with fermented minerals for tired feet & legs and tensed shoulders that helps to reduce puffiness, refresh and revive.

Don’t you just hate it when your legs feel heavy & restless and your shoulders tense & tight?

This lightweight, refreshing formula is a real saviour against muscle fatigue, especially when you’ve been standing or working hard for too long.

Rich in Mediterranean botanicals that help to cool down and packed with 5 fermented minerals to ease overworked muscles including magnesium, iron & zinc.

It really does go AAAHHH!


  • Gives tired legs a lift
  • Helps to relieve shoulder tension
  • Invigorates with a cool & tingly feeling


Massage into feet and legs using upwards strokes.
Or massage in upwards strokes on the back of the neck and circular motions on the shoulders.

Perfect also on aching calves, overworked backs or after a pedicure.
Wash hands after application.

AAAHHH! Instant Cooling Balm 150 ml / 5 fl.oz

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