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The Ultrasonic Cavitation Home Care Duo contains 1 x Cellulite Body Serum & 

Cellu-lose Contour Cream


Cellulite Body Serum (Specifics 302)

Description: This body serum is beneficial for cellulite, fluid retention and areas of poor circulation.
By improving circulation and eliminating toxins skin will be healthier.


Skin type/condition: Cellulite and fluid retention.


Benefits: Helps reduce fluid retention especially in cellulite affected areas leading to a smoother skin texture.
Tones and conditions the skin by removing toxic build up.
Plants oils smooth, soften and condition the skin.


Key ingredients: It is the synergistic blend of cinnamon, sweet fennel, cypress, geranium, grapefruit, thyme and juniper berry that collectively boosts circulation promoting elimination of cellular waste and excessive fluid from the tissues.


How to use: Smooth 3 pumps onto outer thighs and tops of hips. Stroke hands over hips to abdomen 6 times.
Smooth 1-2 pumps to soles of feet in morning and evening.
Drink at least 1 litre of water when using this oil.

*Do not use on client if pregnant, lactating or taking prescription medication



Cellu-lose Contour Cream


Using an innovative mode of action Cellu-lose Contour Cream provides a moisturised and supple appearence with the added benefit of having a detoxinating effect to help aid in the reduction of congested areas of fluid retention, a factor which can over time develop into hard to shift congested deposits, loss of texture and firmness, often referred to as cellulite. Innovative ingredient technology helps to suppress the production of adipocytes (fat cells) and recuce their regenerating activity resulting in a more contoured appearence.

Skin type/condition: Suitable for those experiencing cellulite, toxic build up within the skin or those requiring a medium-weight textured moisturiser.

Benefits: Inhibits fat storage helping prevent formation of cellulite.
Puts fat cells on a diet. Strengthens the skin by improving suppleness and elasticity.


Key ingredients: Quinoa seed extract prevents full development of fat cells reducing their ability to fully develop.
Hyaluronic acid smoothes and hydrates skin, while Squalene provides anti-oxidant skin protecting benefits.
Lauroyl Proline enhances lipolysis and fat burning receptors while boosting Lipoprotein Lipase enzymes to prevent fat storage.


How to use: Apply in circular motions to areas where cellulite is present and massage in until full absorbed. May be applied in the morning and evening

Ultrasonic Cavitation Home Care Duo

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