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B12 Intramuscular Injection

  • 15 min
  • 25 British pounds
  • Park View Rise, Along Vicarage Lane, Opposite The Old Royal Oak Pub.

Service Description

B12 is a water soluble vitamin that is an essential nutrient within the body. The primary role of B12 is within blood cell production. Other major roles are to regulate metabolic reactions in the body including carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. It also helps to improve iron function and assists in chlorine and folic acid synthesis. B12 is obtained from the foods that we eat, we are unable to make it ourselves. The main sources are from meat and dairy. Hence it is common for vegans and vegetarians to be deficient in B12. B12 infusions can assist with - Increasing physical energy Improving concentration Mood uplifting Boosts the immune system Assists with sleep patterns Can help with weight loss Debilitating fatigue Can help reduce acne, dryness and inflammation B12 is responsible for Manufacture and normal function of blood cells and cell devision necessary for bone marrow. Energy production through the Krebs cycle Nerve cell conduction Neurotransmitters Endocrine and immune system Removal of toxins Some symptoms that are associated with B12 deficiency Irritability Mood Swings Confusion Forgetfulness Fogginess Psychosis Depression Anxiety /panic attacks Tension headaches Onset of dementia ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome The benefits of your B12 injection may be felt within the first half an hour. They can however take around 24 - 48 hours to feel the benefits. There is no known evidence that suggests you can overload on B12. Initial loading doses of B12 of once a week for four weeks then a maintenance dose will produce the best results. Our hydroxocobalamin (B12) is prescribed and delivered via an intramuscular injection. A full one to one consultation will be carried out before the IM is administered.

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