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Face Masks

Should be applied to a clean face.

In the salon we often apply a salon professional based serum or oil under the mask, I wouldn't advice the home use of these as it may unbalance the effectiveness of the mask.

This is masks in a very small nut shell, I can already think of times when these rules do not necessarily apply. BUT, this group is all about trying to keep it simple and encouraging questions.

*Cream Masks - non drying and suitable for dry / sensitive / normal and mature skin types.

*Clay Masks- Traditionally used to suck the oil out from the skin, suitable for oily, normal and combination skins. Although for anything other than Oily should really just be kept for the occasional use.

*Gel Masks- Nice and cooling. usually a gel consistency applied with a brush. Suitable for all but oily types as these are least effective for this skin type.

* Pre Cut Masks- Excellent for home use and you HAVE to lay down which is extra nice !

* Peel Off Mask - These are quite nice but can be a little damaging to the skin if not rolled off correctly. Avoid if you have very dry or sensitive skin

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