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Tips for detoxification

A big part of detoxification is eating right. While it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to get on track, we have put a few simple daily tips that can be easy to implement that can positively impact your food intake and overall health.

💠Try chewing your food a bit slower – this helps you enjoy the experience of eating, while also helping to kick start the digestive process via your saliva. This will help up your nutrient intake and improve digestion of the food

💠Change up your plate – variety is the spice of life. Trying out and incorporating different foods into your diet can help give you a better variety of nutrients and avoid overloading your body with certain substances that could eventually lead to food sensitivities

💠Lighten the load at nighttime – try to finish eating a few hours before bedtime. This allows your body the chance to digest before you go into sleep mode, sleeping on a full stomach can cause digestive disturbances and negative impacts on the body.

💠Incorporate enzymes into your diet! – many foods contain key digestive and live enzymes that help increase nutrient absorption, find out which food you like that are high in enzymes and try to include them with at least one meal during your day in a way that works for you

💠Cruciferous veggies all the way – Foods like broccoli and cauliflower are great for your health and help boost the body’s detox processes. If you are not a huge fan, try chopping them up into smaller sizes and mixing them in with salads, stews, rice bowls or anything else you enjoy to add some additional nutritional value.

Credit Eve Taylor

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